Vineyard Dogs of the Okanagan
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Vineyard Dogs
of the Okanagan

Our Vineyard Dogs of the Okanagan coffee table book is a labour of love. It examines the extraordinary bond between humans, canines and the earth we both live and work upon. These wonderful animals enrich our lives on so many levels; the creation of this book is in a sense to indemnify them for the unconditional love they provide us with and the important things that they teach us by just being dogs. Magnanimous loyal creatures—they are a gift and we are proud to be able to share their legacy with you.

Similkameen Valley/Oliver

"An atavistic place of abandoned mines, gold rush stories, highwaymen, smugglers, cowboys and stagecoaches. Now these have all been replaced by retirement neighborhoods, Native communities and a thriving farming sector. It is a place of abundant sunshine and very little rainfall. The southern Okanagan is a landscape of fruit pickers and sunsets, of sandy beaches and vacationing families. The picturesque language of this region creates inexplicable feelings inside of you as butterflies dance past your camera lens and the constant drone of irrigation sprinklers whisper lazily in your ears."

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Okanagan Falls/Penticton



"There is something alive in the sunshine that settles on that place. Like a cool dream that dances on the spiritual axis of the earth, it came alive that morning unabashed in the meditative silence, filtering in the marvel of the elaborate dawn. Penticton is perfectly nestled between the south end of Okanagan Lake and the north end of Skaha Lake. With tremendous panoramic views, sandy beaches and a quaint small town setting, Penticton is a hypnotizing place which is why it isn’t surprising that the name Penticton itself in Native can be translated to, “a place to live forever,” or “a place to stay.” 



"Suddenly we were in the midst of it, groups of small fast birds were bursting out of corpulent bushes on the roadside, verdant fields and hills rolled one on top of another like stacked pancakes—it was a cornucopia on the senses, an assault of corrugated beauty."




"As we continued along it dawned on me that this entire project was a labor of love. Dogs are spiritual beings that are here to teach us something specific. Theses glorious animals were put on this planet to teach us thick skulled, stubborn and generally narrow-minded humans about unconditional love."


West Kelowna/Kelowna





"Heading north as the outrageous sun rose in the east, through my open window I could feel the earth come alive. The vast expanse of calm blue lake water to my right was a drifting dreamlike vision. We sped along the asphalt, the rolling green hills on the opposite shore, the cliffs, the orchards, the vineyards and rock formations the powerful, glamorous and hopeful beauty of it all. I didn’t want it to end."

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